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We offer numerous classes of products and strategies to the pre and post-retirement community. We are an independent advisory and strive to continually find and offer the best products for our clients. Listed below are the classes of products we work with. It would be too difficult to list all the individual products and features, as well as, keep up with the numerous product changes that occur.

Fixed Annuities: There are hundreds of fixed annuities offered by insurance carriers. We position fixed annuities that offer either the highest yields, best rider features, or the highest liquidity with our clients. Fixed annuities are a safe money option that works very well for many of our clients.

Immediate Annuities: Immediate annuities work in very specific situations. We are always aware of the carriers that offer the highest payouts for our clients. Immediate annuity payout rates change monthly. If an immediate annuity is appropriate for a client, we will always secure the highest rate.

Equity-Indexed Annuities: Equity-indexed annuities are hybrid annuities that offer the best features of all annuities. They have the guarantees of fixed annuities, the upside potential of variable annuities and numerous carriers offer indexed annuities with income riders that secure income guarantees like an immediate annuity.

Equity-Indexed Life Insurance: Equity-Indexed Life insurance is designed to credit cash value growth based upon the performance of a stock market index with no downside market risk. This performance feature can be found in all classes of life insurance policies.

Structured Settlements: Structured Settlements are guaranteed income streams that are purchased at a discount. Structured Settlements are typically created when someone settles a liability claim and the award is paid out over time in “structured” payments instead of a lump sum. These payments are guaranteed and processed by major insurance carriers.
The recipients of the original settlement can sell their future interest in these payments. Another investor: an individual, trust or institution can buy these payments, usually at an attractive discount for cash today.
The process is completed through a friendly court hearing which will cause the payments to be diverted from the original claimant to the new investor.
We position these products to secure income for our clients or for a safe place to get higher yield.
Availability of structured settlement inventory can fluctuate dramatically depending upon economic environments.

Tax Efficient Options: We specialize in numerous tax efficient financial products and strategies.
We regularly review our clients’ positions to determine if we can produce the same or better results with greater tax efficiency.
The tax efficient strategies we utilize include those to:
Secure income today and in the future,
Create tax efficient positions for liquidity,
Get higher yield,
Provide tax efficient long term care coverage,
And build tax free leverage for wealth transfer plans.

Tax efficiency is an area where we excel.

High Yield Options: Many of our clients are looking for options to safely generate higher yield. We specialize in traditional and non-traditional positions to achieve this.

We have many excellent short term choices, as well as, many excellent options for those investors who don’t mind taking longer positions for the right return.

We also like to educate clients how we treat income differently than yield. We discuss income as what a client needs to cover their expenses. We discuss yield as the money that in not spent but is reinvested.

Free Long Term Care Options: There has been tremendous progress in the area of financial products that include long term care benefit built in for free.

We believe everyone should have a chronic illness plan which basically answers the question: “What is your plan if you were to get sick this year and need care?” For many years long term care insurance was the only available option for retirees to consider.

Over the past few years, however, companies have responded to a marketplace that has been requesting more choices. We are expert at the best current options available and will continue to keep up with all the latest product developments as they occur.

How we position these free long term care benefit options with our clients will vary depending on whether they need income from their investments to cover their expenses or they don’t.

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