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Investment Advisory Services

America Direct and George V. Cornell are Registered Investment Advisor Representatives (SEC). They are affiliated with a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), Royal Fund Management located in The Villages Florida.

Unlike other Insurance based companies, America Direct can recommend stock and bond portfolios for liquidity and growth. It is important to note that these models are all Risk Managed and FIXED FEE accounts. Unlike commission based brokers we adhere to the higher FIDUCIARY STANDRAD always putting the “client first”. There are no hidden sales charges or conflicts of interest.

We offer six (6) Managed Portfolios especially designed for the Pre and Post Retirement Community:

  • High Income
  • Dividend Growth
  • Bonds/ Municipal and Corporate
  • Moderate Growth
  • High Growth
  • Dividend II

The custodian for all accounts is TD Bank and you have full access to these accounts. Top learn more about our Advisory services please contact us and visit our RIA at:

Ask us about our 70/30 Business Model where we recommend 70% of Investable Assets into Guaranteed products and 30% of your funds into one or all of the above Portfolios. This diversity will ensure maximum growth and income.



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