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Mission Statement

The Financial Advisors at America Direct firmly believe in the philosophy that all retirees should have a portion of their assets in Principal Protected Products and Strategies to provide either:
1. Guaranteed Income ( Now or in the Future);
2. High Yield investments to “park money for income” until needed for growth and reasonable rates;
3. Free Chronic Illness and long-term care benefits so as not to be a Burden on one’s family and loved ones
4. The Tax Efficient transfer of Wealth for the transfer of Wealth and Legacy to the next generation.
The individual or couple that uses one or all of these strategies can be insured of a ” Happy Retirement ” instead of just living out your retirement. Wouldn’t you agree with this timeless philosophy and advice?


For those that need Income Now or In The Future ( approximately 45% of our clients), Annuities are the number recommended financial product when we meet with retirees or those near retirement. America Direct only offers Fixed Annuities ( Growth) and Fixed Indexed Annuities (( Income for Life).

Our Advisors make sure that you understand the difference between the two and the DIFFERENT RATES AND YIELDS depending on the product. Most clients DO NOT know until they sit down with us the different types of annuities and how they can affect your financial future. When we ask why an annuity was purchased, we hear things like, “We like the guarantees” or “tax deferral”. These are valid responses but there is more to it than that.

IMPORTANT: There is a class of annuities ( and Simple Life Insurance ) that offer FREE Long Term Care/ Chronic Illness Benefits. All are 100%, Safe and Guaranteed. Please click on the “FREE REPORTS” Tab above. These benefits can be just Important or More Important to those that do not have these Benefits.

Although annuities are safe, they are not tax efficient. You do not eliminate taxes. You push them into a higher future tax environment or to beneficiaries who may pay taxes at a much higher rate. We like annuities for clients that have a definite income need. The lifetime income guarantees are what makes an annuity attractive as a planning tool for advisors.

For those NOT seeking Income for Life, America Direct offers other viable alternatives. Please continue to read our web site call us at 561.531.3723 for a brief consultation at your home or our office.

High Yield Options

Many of our clients are looking for options to safely generate higher yield. We specialize in traditional and non-traditional positions to achieve this.
We have many excellent short term choices, as well as, many excellent options for those investors who don’t mind taking longer positions for the right return.
We also like to educate clients how we treat income differently than yield. We discuss income as what a client needs to cover their expenses. We discuss yield as the money that in not spent but is reinvested.

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